Ham & Cheese Wafel

Honey Dijon Spread, With Sliced Black Forest Ham and Smoked Gouda Served Hot! You can eat Wafels for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Smoked Salmon Wafel

New to our Savory Wafel Menu: Atlantic smoked salmon, Spring Mix, Dil Sauce, Balsamico dressing and Lemon

Blue Bell Ice Cream

There's only one way to make an Authentic Belgian Waffle in Texas, and that's with Blue Bell Ice Cream!

Banana Nutella

Our most popular waffle combination: Original Waffle de Liège with Banana and Nutella

Truck Location

Look for our truck at events all over Austin. To find our exact location follow us on Twitter @BWCAustin


We use fresh toppings to compliment the flavor of the Waffle de Liége. Toppings that will satisfy you for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

Waffle de Liége

Our Waffles are made from quality ingredients, including our dough which is imported directly from Belgium

Farewell Austin, Hello Dallas

Belgian Waffle Texas Relocation

The Belgian Waffle Co. is now calling Dallas home!

We have put a lot of work and effort into making this move come to reality, including passing the inspection to receive our Dallas permits on our first try, and making the 400 mile round trip journey numerous times! We are giving a very fond tip of the hat to Austin, and will now permanently reside and operate in the Dallas Metroplex, bringing our unique waffles to a whole new market.

See below for a Q & A with the owners Frank & Ingrid.

What were the main reasons for relocating to Dallas?

There were no more spots available except food trailer parks and this is against the philosophy of the company. We opted for a truck so we could be mobile instead of a fixed location. The food truck market is highly saturated and there is no external support (marketing) for startup companies.

When will the truck start in Dallas?

The truck began operating in Dallas as of yesterday (August 15) and we are now preparing our itinerary for the Metroplex. As soon as the schedule is known we will let our dear followers know here

Will the truck visit Austin again? When?

The truck will only come to Austin for major events (Formula 1, SXSW, etc.) or special catering with a minimum of 200 people

Now that you’re in Dallas, is there any other news we should know?

It is too soon to get a feel of the Dallas market, we only started yesterday. Southwest Airlines was the first customer in Dallas that has put BWC on their agenda. We are negotiating with other divisions within Dallas for catering, and a division of Boeing will consider putting us on their agenda as well. We are invited by Jones Day, a noted attorney office, to serve them lunch as well. We will start serving Parker University as of September 12th. So plenty of opportunities.

Any changes or additions to the menu?

We are changing the menu already with success. We serve waffle sandwiches (ham & cheese with dijon honey mustard sauce) and BLT sandwich with bacon, arugula, homegrown tomatoes and sun dried tomato pesto aioli sauce. We are not publishing anything yet as we are building up the menu, and still working on some new items. We will take the junior waffles off the menu, and the chocolate waffle will see some changes also.

Any parting words you would like to share with Austin?

We would like to thank all the people in Austin who supported us and followed us. In business sometimes you need to make difficult decisions in order to survive. BWC did not come to Austin with the intention to leave after 4 months, but rather to stay and build the company. Unfortunately the economy decided to change our plans. As the strategy of the company has always been “bringing the Waffle de Liege” to Texas, Austin will always be on our map as “where it all began.” The Belgian Waffle Co. will return, but in another form — franchising the product.

Frank & Ingrid

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